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At Larson Eye Center, the difference is “You.” Every patient, and their eyesight, is different and unique. No two patients have the same prescription, pupil size, or shape to their cornea. Though every patient is looking for the best results possible, every patient should not be offered only one option for vision correction. There are many vision correction procedures available today and it is essential to tailor our recommendations to your needs.

BRUCE C. LARSON, M.D.Dr. Bruce Larson is a standout leader in customization for his Laser Vision patients. Our customization is based on scientific evidence and years of research in Laser Vision Correction. Dr. Larson is trained in and performs all Vision Correction procedures. In addition to Custom LASIK, Dr. Larson also performs Epi-LASIK, PRK, Clear Lensectomy and ICL surgery. Our consultations are tailored to customize the treatment that is right for each patient. Although LASIK provides the quickest visual recovery, which is why it has gained its popularity, it is not always the safest choice for many patients. Patient education and proper pre-operative testing with state-of-the-art equipment is our key to success!

We have recently introduced a new technology to our practice called a “Pentacam.” The Pentacam is a state-of-the-art technology that analyzes the cornea for a disease called Keratoconus- a progressive thinning of the cornea. The Pentacam has brought Keratoconus analysis to a new level! We are proud to be one of only a handful of doctors in the Chicago area that have this technology available to their patients. Unfortunately, without this tool (or a similar tool to look at the back surface of the cornea), Keratoconus has gone undetected pre-operatively and patients are facing progressive corneal thinning or possible corneal transplantation post-operatively. The Pentacam is one of many diagnostic tools we use to decide which vision correction procedure is best for each patient.

So, remember, when choosing a doctor to perform your Laser Vision Correction, “you” are different. Become educated on all of the options available in today’s Vision Correction market and make sure the surgeon you choose doesn’t fit you into their “mold.” Understand that some surgeons tell you their Laser is the best on the market, because it’s what “they” have invested in. They may tell you that LASIK is the best surgery for you, because it’s the only procedure “they” perform. They treat all patients the same, no matter what!



With offices in Downers Grove and Hinsdale, Illinois, Larson Eye Center is proud to serve the greater Chicago areas of Naperville, Oakbrook, Burr Ridge, Darien and LaGrange. The dedicated staff and eye doctors at LEC would be happy to answer all of your eye care questions.

Laser Cataract Surgery

Laser Cataract Surgery

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